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The intent of this site is to master technological solutions related to Data Analysis, giving details on the results that it’s possible to get and on the operative procedure to obtain them. For this purpose, in the Blog section of the site you will find various articles, covering different themes and technologies.

We start with a look at Knowage, an Open Source Business Intelligence tool useful for data visualization and analisys. In the following you can find direct links to Blog posts on this subject:
Query databases in a visual way with QBE (Query By Example)
Monitor data with Cockpit
Create Data Reports with BIRT
OLAP Analysis
Monitor business objectives with KPI documents
Location Intelligence

Nowadays data are everywhere and in every format. Their analysis can generate knowledge and drive the progress in many areas: from business to economics, from healt and social to government and so on. In this field we will explore the use of Artificial Intelligence in Big Data Analysis by means of Machine learning technologies.

For this purpose we start with a short revision to Python, a programming language very popular for data science applications:
Python: A short guide

This site is available in italian language at this link.


Knowage – Location Intelligence

Knowage Location Intelligence tools allows the definition of Geo-referenced documents. In this new AIKnow.info Blog article, we will see how to create a cartographic document in Knowage representing the distribution of population by regions. This will be done loading a layer of Italian regions and joining each cartographic element with the information of population coming …


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